I am infected, what to do now?

There are simple things you could do to try fixing it, how successful will depend on how badly infected it is, many will ignore signs of a virus and this is a big mistake, the longer its infected, the more damage it will do to your computer.



What are the signs of an infected computer?

The usual suspects are, popups, you click something and it takes you elsewhere, computer becoming slow, your internet browser crashing, the list can go on and on.


How do I clean it?

There are many free tools on the internet that can help you, you just need to know where to find them,and more importantly,how to use them.


What do I need?

These are some of the useful ones I use in my work daily,just between them it can solve most of the problems for an average infected computer.



Very effective tool to search and clean spywares and trojans


Another useful tool for spywares


Excellent tool to clean out your internet surfing history and temporary files